Pulp & paper
Pulp & paper

Pulp and paper facilities can face a number of power quality challenges not the least of which is being located in remote locations. Being at the end of a long distribution line often means seeing large swings in the incoming voltage level. This combined with the large in-plant electrical loads like motors that stop and start frequently, can lead to many types of operational problems like equipment malfunction or shut down and premature failure of motors and/or electronics.

One of the more common applications in pulp & paper plants is the protection of an individual piece of equipment or operation that has a problem with rapidly fluctuating voltages.

The large starting loads and challenging power found in industries like pulp & paper, foundries, mines and heavy steel fabrication require power conditioning designed to withstand the rigors of these environments.

LETELAC power conditioners protect sensitive equipment even in the toughest electrical environments. High inrush currents or overloads and poor power factor are no problem.

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Recommended products: ZBW series non-contact voltage regulator; DVR dynamic voltage restorer 
Objective: To stabilize voltage and solve the problem of grid falling

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