If you think datacenters are the exclusive domain of the UPS (uninterruptible power supply) when it comes to power quality, you might want to look again. Electronic voltage regulators will not replace the UPS as far as energy storage is concerned but they do have a numerous applications in datacenters.


In applications where the incoming voltage fluctuations can be severe, the electronic voltage regulator is used as a pre-conditioner to substantially extend the high and low voltage range of the UPS before battery power is required. This prevents situations where chronic voltage problems drain the batteries and leave the datacenter without battery backup. The pre-conditioner application also helps to extend battery life and provides conditioned power in the event the UPS goes into bypass.


Where energy, maintenance and HVAC costs are a major concern, some server/pc applications can substantially reduce these costs with minimal or no impact on backup power reliability. Using a line interactive UPS downstream from an electronic voltage regulator provides the same functionality as an online (double conversion) UPS while increasing electrical efficiency 10 or more percentage points. The higher efficiency saves even more money by reducing HVAC loads while the line interactive UPS requires less maintenance than the online type.


Small fortunes are spent protecting servers from power quality problems, but many people often overlook the HAVC system that is needed to operate any datacenter. A voltage regulator can significantly increase the reliability of an HVAC systems and chillers by protecting the motors from undervoltage or brownout conditions and keeping high voltages from damaging the controls. LETELAC provides solutions as well as electronic voltage regulators for datacenter applications.


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Objective: To stabilize voltage and solve the problem of grid falling

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